Who We Are

We are proud to have a very diverse and talented team who are driven by passion, curiosity and fierce teamwork in the pursuit of our clients’ results.

Davis Events has helped 100ā€™s of brands and organisations from Ireland, Europe and America grow and expand through virtual and live events, cultural experiences, activations, conferences and more.

No idea is too big or challenging, get in touch with our team to see how we will help you to achieve your specifically tailored goals.

The people at Davis Events see 5 key practices as the key to achieving consistent results and solutions with each and every one of our clients.

Virtual Events & Live Experiences

We built our reputation creating, producing and broadcasting live and virtual conferences, activations, concerts, festivals and momentous sporting events for live, online and televised clients and audiences.


More than anything, we value creativity within our team and within our clients as the creative approach is the fastest way to solve problems effectively and come up with solutions.


We place huge emphasis on having the best possible strategic approach to any problem, project or idea. We prefer to ask why first and what later. We can only provide the best possible solution once we fully understand the situation and its environment.

Scale & Safety

We have organised events from a staff summer party to an international marathon and everything in between. No idea or concept is too big. However, the bigger the idea, the bigger the responsibility. From contingency planning to preventative measures, our team of professionals prioritise safety above all else.


Our work does not stop once the event is complete. We ask all the necessary questions to ensure the highest standard of result was achieved. Did we change perceptions, attract more business, improve brand perceptions? Have our goals been fully achieved? Ensuring thorough evaluation is the key to growth.