What will your future employee engagement event look like now?

While your Summer event planning may have come to an abrupt halt, it’s worth considering what change is ahead of us and indeed, what employee engagement events of the future might look like. Having rescheduled a number of events for our own clients, we can share that post-summer months are looking busy across the island. But, perhaps that’s not an issue anymore, now that new human considerations have emerged, and how team leaders will have a heightened requirement for the safety for their teams. So here’s some thoughts and tips on how your future employee engagement events can be reimagined.

New ways of gathering

Our social behavior has changed, how long for remains to be seen. Your teams will want adequate space to socialise which will evidently alter your venue requirements. Tipis and stretch tents provide an excellent option, giving your team comfort and cover while also allowing fresh air to flow freely.

Alternative Locations

By the end of summer your teams will all be craving social engagement with their colleagues and given what we know about venue availability, why not consider a location that provides natural beauty and ample space for team activities.

Activities designed around what your team will need

Wellness activities will be in high demand, that’s for sure. Your event should provide pockets of calm and relaxation; after all, not everyone will be joyous, so a space that delivers comfort for those who haven’t reached celebration mode would be advised. And since we’ve been starved of face-to-face human interactions, activities that deliver a sense of shared belonging will work a treat.

Social distancing? There’s an app for that!

One of our team saw this at an event in South Korea. It’s a call bell system with a button on diners tables that pages serving staff through a bracelet. Makes it easier for groups to order food and drinks while staying in one section without having gather around the bar.

Open the room up to an online audience

We’ve been speaking to venues, theater producers, event company owners, performing artists and promoters, all of whom will be offering live experience and online broadcast side by side to adjust to fresh demands. Just like special dietary requirements, some people wont be comfortable attending events, so we’ll have to accommodate them too.

Put creativity into the mix

Put your new problems that have emerged into a brief and look for a creative solution, it’s that simple. One of our civic clients wanted to make beaches, large-scale outdoor events and public parks safer post-Covid so we came up with this mobile hand sanitizer solution.

So that’s our take. Instead of wondering what the event of the future might actually look like, let’s collaborate and create it together.

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