#ThinkLanguages 2019

Global Opportunities, Better Travel Experiences & Greater Life Experiences For 3,000 Attendees of #ThinkLanguages

We had the pleasure of working with Post Primary Languages Ireland to manage their event #ThinkLanguages which brought 3,000 students to The Convention Centre Dublin. From the management of the venue, staff, and attendee registration to logistics, safety and exhibition management, it was a day to remember.

Totally #ThinkLanguages

Here’s a little video we shot on the day.

Event Management Skills & Responsibilities

For #ThinkLanguages we were responsible for:

  • Venue Management
  • Lanyards & QR Code
  • Workshop Supplier Liaison
  • Speaker Liaison
  • Staff Management
  • Scheduling & Logistics
  • Health & Safety
  • Stage Management
  • Attendee Registration 
  • Exhibitor Management

Work With Us

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