Our 2015 Highlights & Hopes for 2016

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Happy New YearAh January, it’s all about new beginnings and reflection… Well there’s not much else to do during ‘Dry January’ after a month of over indulgence filled with chocolate, turkey and mulled wine, come on we’re all guilty! Now that the Christmas holidays are over (yes, I feel like I just blinked too) and everyone is back in the office I thought I’d do just that and get the whole team involved! With Paul working hard towards his MBA and Jenny skiing the slopes I asked Fiachra and Nikki to share their 2015 highlights and their hopes for 2016 plus some of my own!


Nikki – Account Manager

Women's Mini Marathon 20152015 Highlights
Completing the Women’s Mini Marathon in 1hr 10m and raising €1,000 for charity was a pretty big highlight considering I’d never really ran before!
I stuck to my New Year’s Resolution from last year and read loads of books! Although I didn’t quite get through 1 a month.

In work, completing Hell & Back with the team was a great achievement and despite numerous injuries, bumps and bruises, it wasn’t so bad!
Highlight of 2015 was probably the Dropbox Summer Party as it was such a fun project to work on, looked amazing and everyone had a ball!

2016 HopesDavis Events Hell and Back
I wish I’d travelled a bit more in 2015, I made it to Barcelona and Greece but hope to do more city breaks in 2016. Iceland is on the list of places I want to visit and I’m going to NYC in March!
I think my motto for 2016 will be ‘Do more of what makes you happy’! Last year I started an Instagram account for fun event ideas, so I want to build on that and set up a blog to go with it!

Check out Nikki’s Instagram page click here!


Fiachra – Event Production Manager

2015 HighlightsFiachra 2015 Highlights

I promised myself at the start of 2015 year that I would make more of an effort to reconnect and keep in touch with friends around the world and not just through Facebook stalking! I succeeded and managed to reconnect with old friends!

2015 finished with an excellent early Christmas present when I got the role with Davis Events at the beginning of December.

2016 Hopes
This is the year of healthy me, I know everyone says that but I’m taking it seriously, I have a feeling this will be my year to make it into the Irish squad for Euro 2016… I think the Six Nations will come a little too soon!

I plan to focus on growth and continue to help Davis Events grow from strength to strength by producing some of the best events in the country. I also want to continue expanding my skill-set and qualifications that can help myself and the company move to the next level.


Michelle – Account Executive

2015 HighlightsMichelle 2015 Highlights
In 2015 I made some great new friends and found the perfect apartment with the best housemates! I got to visit Lisbon for the first time which I loved! After years of avoiding it I finally camped for the first time at Body & Soul festival and yes I survived, bring on 2016! I also surpassed my Goodreads Reading Challenge, it’s an achievement for me! I went to a lot more festivals this year, I got to discover some new music as well as seeing some of my favourites for the first time! I’m hoping for more of the same in 2016!

One of the biggest stand out moments for me this year professionally was being offered the Account Executive role with Davis Events! No, I’m not trying to win brownie points by saying that! I have been building my career in event management over the years and I’m looking forward to continuing to do so in my new role!

2016 Hopes
As lame as it sounds I want to try and live my life by a Jim Carrey movie, no not ‘The Grinch’ or ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ but ‘Yes Man’! I want to be open to new opportunities and to push myself by taking myself out of my comfort zone, or at least try to!


Share your 2015 highlights and 2016 hopes with us, we’d love to hear them! Just drop a comment below!

Written by: Michelle McGee Davis Events Agency