My Internship Experience

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Hi! I’m Jenny (Jenny, Nikki, Michelleon the left), the Events Exec here at Davis Events. Prior to being offered my current role as Event Executive I began my journey with Davis Events as an Intern. After deciding the corporate banking world wasn’t for me, and signing up for a diploma in digital marketing. I really wanted to break into the industry.


I began my events/digital marketing internship with Davis Events on November 30th 2015. I’ll never forget my first day, after arriving to the office soaked to the skin from the rain (typical) I started hearing terms being thrown around like “tender”, “Public Procurement” and other terminology I had no clue about. There was definitely a moment of panic where I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. I knew this experience was going to be a lot of “firsts” for me. But having come out the other side relatively unscathed, it was definitely the best decision.


After coming from an office with 4,000 people to the Davis office which had 6. It definitely took some adjusting but I knew that it was this type of environment where I would really learn the in’s and out’s of the world of events and I wasn’t just a cog in a wheel anymore. The team here is so experienced. Although I could be a little bit biased, I think they are the best in the business.


I was eased in quite gently as I started at the very end of November so the majority of events had been wrapped up for the year. My first task was to organise the Christmas party which I had great fun doing. I put a lot of effort into the tiny details. It was a great opportunity to get my bearings and figure out how the office worked but fast-forward to January. It was a whole other experience. We had two huge events back to back and I definitely was not in Kansas anymore.


My first event was an annual aviation conference in the Convention Centre, which catered for 20,000 people from huge aviation and finance companies from all over the world. I was so excited and jumped in two feet first. When I think back it was all a bit of a blur as we worked three 16 hour days, to say it was exhausting was an understatement and we were all running off adrenalin by the end.


The event was a roaring success and I felt proud I had given it my all. Roll on a week later and we had The Labour Party Annual Conference in Mullingar. That was another whirlwind experience. We had to register hundreds if not thousand of delegates over a 2-day period and it also included a live broadcast on RTE. It was really satisfying seeing all our hard work come to fruition in front of our eyes. I have to admit I was happy to see my bed when it ended. January went by in the blink of an eye and at that stage I only had one month left.


Domestic GodessMy intern role involved a lot of juggling; I had many roles, including social media management, blogging, budget management, website management and many others that were fundamental to the company all while learning and observing everything that was going on around me. And I was happy to jump in where I could, even if it meant doing generic intern tasks (see photo!) I love the creative side of things like coming up with concepts and theming. Pinterest has become my new best friend! The team here were so great and never made me feel like I was asking a stupid question.


Dundrum Press Launch

After January had passed and I had my first 2 events, I knew it was for me. I thrived off the fast paced environment and loved the fact that no two clients are the same and in turn no two events are the same. From there onwards I had it set in my sights that I want to keep on in a permanent role. After a nerve-wracking (and sweaty) presentation to my Manager and Managing Director where I had to plan an event on my own and pitch it to them, they offered me a permanent role. I elated and so proud of myself.



Dundrum Press Day

I learnt many things during my time as an intern. The main lesson was definitely to keep a cool head when things are stressful, which is basically the majority of the time. Its definitely easier said than done but even now I still try to make a conscious effort to just take a step back, take a deep breath and prioritise what needs to be done there and then.




On a personal level, it was a big risk leaving full time employment to embark on an internship. But I honestly haven’t looked back since, in order to get what you want risks have to be taken and as the saying goes “you only regret the things you didn’t do.”

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Written by: Jenny Power Davis Events