Meet the Team Series

As part of our ongoing meet the team series, we’d like to introduce Caoilte who is a Senior Virtual and Hybrid Events Account Manager here at Davis Events Virtual. He is responsible for making sure our clients expectations are always exceeded. Caoilte is our go to guy for any creative client requests, he knows it all, from virtual engagement strategies to online and hybrid event designs.

Caoilte is extremely creative and has a great knack for building really aesthetically pleasing projects. Having managed some major experiences for Dropbox, Think Languages and Fingal County Council, he’s equipped to handle any event idea, big or small!!

To learn a little bit more about the man behind our creativity, we asked him the following questions:

What is your favourite thing about working in events?

There’s something really rewarding about seeing people enjoy themselves; seeing everyone connect and share an experience that we have created. Knowing that our team is responsible for putting together and making memorable and impactful experiences for people, makes all the planning and hard work really worth it!

What are your 3 essentials to bring to every project, to make sure you’re prepared?

– Comfortable Shoes: Good footwear is a must if you are working a long event in a big space. The end-of-day ache is inevitable after a big event, but it can be reduced substantially if you’re clever with your footwear choices.

– Sunscreen: Our team has worked on some really big and exciting outdoor events recently, and with the unpredictability of the Irish weather it’s very important to protect yourself from sunburn! Regularly applying good quality sun lotion with a high SPF will ensure you (and the rest of the team) don’t get burnt while out on site.

– Snips Tool: Yes, cable ties are really important to have on you while you’re setting up for an event, but I find that a good snip tool is actually just as useful for the end of the event to cut those pesky cable ties off again! It’s definitely worth investing in!

What is your favourite project to have worked on so far?

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a huge variety of events over the last few years working at Davis Events and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with really fantastic clients along the way too, so this question is pretty tough! I have a personal passion for art, culture and languages so having been able to work on the huge Culture Night celebrations in Dublin City over the last few years has been a real privilege. Likewise, the large energy-filled languages fair, #ThinkLanguages, that we managed in the Convention Centre Dublin last year was a fantastic educational event stuffed with incredible content and thousands of eager students and teachers!

What is your dream project to work on and why?

Looking towards the coming months, I think the value of arts and cultural events will be more important than ever as we all look for ways to bring people and communities together in safe, meaningful and creative ways. I’m really looking forward to working on more cultural projects that can entertain, educate and shine a much-needed light for communities.

In light of the Coronavirus, if you could pick any famous person to be isolated with for 30 days who would it be?

Beyonce, obvs!