The Intern Diaries – Series One

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I’m Sarah and I’m Davis Events’ new intern. I’m a third year event management student in Dublin Institute of Technology and I’m three weeks into my six month placement.

During my time here I’ll be writing about my experiences, what I’ve learned and general topics that I find interesting. I call it The Intern Diaries. This week I’ll be talking about why I chose Davis for my internship.

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” ― Meister Eckhart

Why Davis Events?

I had already received different offers for placements in various companies but I think Davis Events was the company that was best suited for me.

I admired their work before I even knew they were taking on an intern. Once I realised, I jumped at the chance to work here! When I met the team had a good feeling about them and thought I would fit in well here.

Being at Davis Events gives me a chance to work on lots of different types of events, from conferences to brand activations to corporate parties. I’m not sure what area of events I want to get into after I graduate and I felt like going to a DMC or a production company would be backing myself into a corner (and nobody puts Sarah in the corner!). I feel that being here gives me more opportunities to learn about myself and the industry!

So far it’s been a busy month here, the past three weeks have flown by! I’m learning a lot and I like to think I’m doing well so far! I’ve been to talks, workshops and last week I was at an industry dinner in the Westin (I’d highly recommend it by the way!).

Our night at The Westin Dublin was beautiful!

It’s a really exciting time to be working for the company. We have some exciting events coming up and to top it all off we’re turning ten this year! I’m excited to see what the next five months bring.

Written by: Sarah Morrissey Davis Events Agency