Intern Diaries: Series Two – Learning Experiences

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Since my last Intern Diaries blog post where I wrapped up my first month here at Davis Events a lot has happened. I’ve had the opportunity to achieve more of the goals which I set out at the beginning of my internship. Most importantly, I had the chance to have attended and worked at several events. Not only did I get to attend and work at these events, but I also had the chance to be a part of the creative and marketing process surrounding them. In this post I am going to discuss two events. This two events stood out to me over the last two months, what learning experiences I gained from them and some challenges I faced.


The Irish Early Career Awards 2017

The Irish Early Careers Awards was the first event I work at. So naturally I was a bit apprehensive as to what to expect from the night. The awards took place in the Round Room of Dublin’s Mansion house. The event was host to nearly 300 people to celebrate young Irish talent across many industries.

Prior to the event, I learned so much about the entire event planning process. From booking suppliers, liaising with the client, marketing the event, arranging seating plans, managing the sponsors, and so much more. Sometimes this was challenging as there was a lot to keep track of. But I feel it made me more confident in my abilities and allowed me to put to use my knowledge from DIT.

The event itself gave me a far different experience than the planning process. As it was very hands on from the set-up, to the guests arriving and overall ensuring the whole night ran smoothly. Throughout the night minor things happened. Those things challenged me such as some guests not being on the guest list or seating plan and this needed to be amended as quick as possible. But I tried not to let this phase me.

Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better experience of my first time working at an event. It’s great seeing all the hard work come together and seeing the guests enjoying themselves. It was a rewarding experience and I have gained great amount of hands on experience from it.


Asia Matters: Asia Business Summit 2017

The Asia Global Business Summit took place in the Shelbourne Hotel earlier this month. The event was a conference with international delegates and guest speakers attending. The event started in the early morning until that night, throughout the day the delegates had panel discussions, Q&A sessions and an evening networking reception too.

I involved in the creative process of this event, ordering decorations from suppliers which fit in with the events theme and ordering branded items. For this event interacting with the client before and during the event gave me a great learning experience. As I got to see the how the client wanted the whole event to come together in the end. On the day I involved with room set-up, registration, preparing delegate packs and assisting speakers. I found some parts challenging but it really pushed me out of my comfort zone to work on this event as and there was a lot of tasks to be done before and on the event day itself.



Overall, involving with these two events has given me so much real life experience. This is exactly what I was looking for during my internship and time at Davis Events. Pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone is something I feel delighted I have done. As I have gained so much from doing so. It will really stand to me when I go back to college with assignments along with my career in the industry in general.


Talk soon!


Written by: Rachel Smith Davis Events Agency