Intern Diaries: Series Two – First Month Wrap-up

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My name is Rachel, Davis Events’ new marketing intern. I’m a third year Marketing student from Dublin Institute of Technology.  I’m on a three month work placement programme. I’m here to gain real-life experience in the industry to aid me with the rest of my degree/career. I was lucky enough to get chosen to work with Davis Events. I really wanted to be exposed to the events industry alongside marketing, both of which I’m very passionate about.

It feels like only yesterday. I was nervous going into the interview and now I can’t believe how much experience I’ve already gained from my short time here. I’ve already had the opportunities to experience social media management, interacting with clients and attending industry events. And also working alongside a small but great team of people here in the office.


My Goals

To ensure I get everything I can out of my internship I set myself some goals when I first started here, some of these are;

#1 Social media campaigns

I want to learn how to successfully develop social media marketing campaigns. One of the first things I learnt when I arrived was the brand identity of Davis Events. The colours, logo, tagline and the overall image the brand want to portray. Currently, I am working on my first campaign, focusing on Christmas (my favourite time of year) so watch this space! Below is a graphic I designed for social media using, They are some pictures from the recent GAA homecoming event, which incorporating the brands fun and colourful brand identity. In college we’re always told about how important recognisable brand image is. But I’ve only fully understood once I actually got to experience it myself.


Social Media Graphic from The GAA Homecoming Event

#2 Develop creative & innovative event ideas

I am yet to achieve this goal, I feel I need to immerse myself more in our events. For example, creative process to get a feel for this side of things first as I come from a marketing background. I have a passion for creating new ideas, so I hope to bring some to the table in the near future. Here in Davis Event, I have been paying attention to creative talk in the office, and also attended went on a venue site visit to the Trinity Biomedical Science Building. I could feel my creative juices flowing just imaging the events that could be created there! This really helped me become more involved in the creative event process and understand there is so much element to be considered before the idea is formed. I’m really enjoying having all this access and opportunity to the creative and innovative side of the industry!


Trinity Biomedical Science Building

#3 Attend and work at an event

Since I’ve been so involved in the digital marketing side of things I am yet to work at an event. However, I got the chance to visit the Ploughing ’17 where Orlaith was working and event managing the HSA site. This showed me how it is a lot of hard work but all the effort that had been put in inside and outside the office made the whole event come together in the end. I can’t wait to see an event come together after being involved in the creative and planning process.


#4 Grow more confidence

This is a personal as well as professional one I’ve really wanted to enhance – to grow more confidence within myself and my ability to work in teams. Within my first week I had to consistently deal with a client regarding a future event. At the beginning I was a bit nervous. But before I knew it I got into the flow of things and became more comfortable and confident. I contacted many suppliers about online advertising space. It not only gave me a lot more confidence in dealing with people over the phone, but real-world experience in the marketing world also. Working as a team in the office has been something I’ve loved. The team work well together not only in working scenarios but also as friends. 


Nikki, Michelle & Myself, The Safety Sheriffs 

#5 Push myself

Now this is my most important one: push myself to make the most of every opportunity here to make my experience valuable! Although I am still finding my feet, I can already feel myself growing professionally and personally. I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone and taking every opportunity there is to learn even if it scares me a little and it is 100% paying off!


Perks of the job

I can tell you one thing, the Davis Events team certainly work hard but the industry is definitely rewarding! I had the opportunity to experience a few perks of the job over the last month. During my first week, I got the opportunity to attend an international industry networking event in the Medley on Fleet Street. It allowed me to see how companies marketed themselves to event agencies. It was a great night not to mention the canapés, cocktails and cooking master class!


Delicious canapés and giant G&Ts at Medley


Another event experience, that I’ve already mentioned, was visiting The National Ploughing Championships. Davis Events had an exhibit with the HSA this year. So a few of us from the office went for a little road trip to visit Orlaith, and have a cheeky look around despite the mud. It let me see a huge scale event underway along with the massive efforts some brands went to to market themselves at the event (Just wish I remembered my wellies!).


We took advantage of photo ops at the Ploughing


Overall wrapping up my first month at Davis Events. It is safe to say I am thoroughly enjoying myself and I feel like I’m part of the close knit Davis family. I’m very excited to see what the following months have to offer!

Written by: Rachel Smith Davis Events Agency