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Indeed- Pride Parade Programme 2022

Deliver a high quality, cohesive programme of Pride themed events to Indeed branch offices across Ireland and America which would engage employees and align with the values of Indeed.

Category: Employee Engagement

The Solution:
Pride 2022 is designed to tell the real story of people’s journeys to their true selves. It’s not just a march or a float– it’s designed to make an emotional and genuine connection. We accomplished this through internal activations, video stories, a compilation video, parades with a bicycle powered Indeed float at each location, festivals, and social media outreach. We designed a programme that could be replicated across multiple sites and within budget.
We took a grassroots approach and paid homage to the hard work it has taken to make the world more inclusive – beginning with the 70’s and infusing it with the progress made to 2022.
Our goal was to highlight the Indeed ESG mission, which meant that we were mindful of the environment and used organic, recyclable, sustainable, biodegradable, repurposed materials wherever possible.