Dropbox Summer Party

Dropbox wanted to throw a summer party this year for their hard-working employees. The brief was something that children and adults could enjoy during the day and something a bit different that adults could enjoy during the night. So we came up with a unique and creative theme and made it come to life! This Summer we created a boutique, festival theme for Dropbox’s Summer Party called DropBoxEgen! The day was split up in to two parts. It started with a Teddy Bear’s Picnic and then flowed seamlessly to a festival in the woods!

The day started with some fun family garden games! Everyone was dancing in the sun to the live bands enjoying their vintage sodas and just having a good time! But the sun went down the mood of the party slowly began to transform… Everyone went down the lantern lit path to the secret party in the woods where we had a live DJ and saxophone player and the unforgettable UV drummers! Everyone danced the whole night until the pinnacle moment when an amazing firework display drew the night to a close.