Dropbox at Dublin Pride

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We were delight to give a helping hand with this years Dropbox float at Dublin Pride 2016. It was both my first time and Davis Events’ first time involved in the Pride Parade so we jumped in two feet first.


Dropbox Dublin Pride
Our concept for the float was to take what Dropbox do in a literal sense. Dropbox staff held giant letters spelling “D.R.O.P.B.O.X.”. On the top of the float we had a live DJ, a sax player and a drummer on the float. They were absolutely sensational!! They had everyone dancing in the streets – young, old, you name it. As an event management company we are pretty used to seeing new and exciting things at events but nothing compares to this one. It was on a whole other level. It was definitely a good vibe only event!


Dropbox Pride


In addition to the float, we had specially designed t-shirts in an array of different colours with special Dropbox Pride branding. And we supplied all the staff with various rainbow coloured paraphernalia such as flags, glasses, bandanas, lei’s and hair bands etc. which went down a hit. One of the staff brought her dog, Storm and within seconds he was also sporting a Dropbox t-shirt. Our motto was ‘the more colour the better’! As the theme for this years parade was “Rebel Rebel”, given the year thats in it, we decided to incorporate David Bowie inspired Ziggy Stardust face paint on all the Dropbox staff. By the end of the parade our float had quadrupled in size as people joined the group and danced along the streets of Dublin with us.





The energy around Dublin City was electric; you couldn’t help but smile watching everyone from all walks of life enjoying them selves. It’s amazing to see how diverse and welcoming our little nation has become the last few years. Also none of it would have been made possible without the amazing Dropbox employees. They were a dream to work with and were so enthusiastic about every element of the day. We love working with Dropbox as they are always open to new ideas! We were delight to be a part of it and can’t wait to get brainstorming for next year!


For more pictures of our Dropbox float click here.

Written by: Jenny Power Davis Events Agency