Dropbox Pride 2017

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The Event Brief

Our client Dropbox approached us to collaborate with them on their fourth Dublin Pride Parade. We did this event with Dropbox last year (see last years blog here!), in 2016 and couldn’t wait to get started on this year’s idea! Dropbox are big into their karaoke as a company so they wanted the float to incorporate this with some form of live music and vocals. Dropbox  explained that they have always used the parade as a chance to celebrate working for such an inclusive and diverse company as well as an excuse for a brilliant day out together! The Dublin Pride Parade is the second largest street event in Dublin of the year, beaten only by St. Patrick’s Day, so it was important to them that they enjoy their fun and colourful day out!


Our response

Nikki and Michelle got straight down to business with this brief. After the success of last year’s Dropbox DJ on the float, we wanted to create some more noise at Pride 2017! This year at pride, we decided the Dropboxer’s needed to “sing it loud, and sing it proud” on the prideful Sing-along Bus! As the theme for this years parade was “Find Your Inner Hero”, Dropboxer’s would transform themselves into famous music icons from throughout history (Bowie, Prince, Madonna, Britney) by donning wigs, face paint and props!


Creativity & Innovations


We had specially designed t-shirts in an array of every colour of the rainbow with Dropbox Pride logo. The Dropbox logo was transformed for pride! We wanted the guests to be bright and bold creating a human rainbow, we even got children’s sizes for the junior Dropboxers. All of the colours were so vibrant, I just wanted one in every colour but I eventually settled for a yellow one… and maybe an orange one as well (not being greedy or anything). The best thing about these t-shirts that we had created is that they were sent to the Dropbox offices all over Europe, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Hamburg!


Famous Icons

The day was started off at the Dropbox office with a brunch party. This is where all the prideful magic happened. Here we distributed “Dropboxers transformed themselves into their inner musical heros with” famous icon wigs, glitter microphones and had colourful facepaint on everyone to create our Madonna’s, Bowie’s, Prince’s and of course Britney’s (be who you want to be!). It wouldn’t be Pride without lots of rainbow coloured paraphernalia such as flags, bowties, wigs, etc. which went down a hit. Everyone was born ready to rock up pride!


Sing-Along Bus


For the Dropbox Pride float we took the Viking splash tour bus and created it into a sing-along bus! The relevant pride décor was of course necessary. At the front of the bus we created a fantastic pride rainbow shooting out of a giant blue Dropbox to the roof of the bus. Plenty of vibrant glittery musical notes where to be seen all over the bus with larger rainbow banners humming “sing it loud and sing it proud”! There was a PA system on board and some mics for the Dropxer’s to sing along to the music with the crowds showing us their best Beyonce performances. The music was compiled of hits from famous musical icons. Britney sing your heart out!




Apart from the karaoke queens on the bus we also knew there would be a lot of the Dropbox team on foot leading the float. Of course we had to make sure that they also had the ultimate pride and proud vibes. We had numerous picket signs made up which had inspiring and joyful quotes written on them, such as “I’m not gay, I just like rainbows”. I took quite a liking to that particular picket sign, and since I was on foot for the event it was a match made in heaven, so we did the parade together (see delighted middle photo below). We also had large foam letters spelling out D.R.O.P.B.O.X which the Dropbox crow carried with the boat-bus following.


By the end of the parade our float had expanded in size as people joined the group and danced along the streets of Dublin with us. The energy around Dublin City was infective I couldn’t help but smile watching everyone from all walks of life enjoying themselves. It’s amazing to see how big Dublin’s Pride has become the last few years. The day wouldn’t have been made possible without the amazing Dropbox employees, they were a dream to work with and were so enthusiastic about every element of the day (even if they won’t be winning the X Factor anytime soon!). I am so glad that my first event back here at Davis Events was working with Dropbox Pride, it was just definitely my most enjoyable event yet! The Davis Events team were delighted to be a part of Pride once again and can’t wait for Pride 2018!


For more photos click here: Pride Portfolio & Pride photo album

Written by: Orlaith McIvor Davis Events Agency