DIY or Hired Help Christmas Party?

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We all know the job of planning the company Christmas party can often seem overwhelming and scarey. The desire for something that all your colleagues will enjoy can make it a stressful ordeal. You are not alone as there is also the option of events agency’s that can make it a cracker of a night. But how are you to decide which would be the best option? Well we’re here to help!


The budget

the_budget_coinsWhen planning the party yourself, you get to decide exactly were your budget goes down to the very last cent. You get to decide how much is spent on food, venue, entertainment, decorations, drinks and everything else. The only thing about a budget is that sometimes unexpected costs can pop up, even for the smallest events. Hiring an events agency can ensure that this is down to a minimum. Events agencies know exactly what everything should cost and all about extra costs. It’s their job to know! Hiring an events agency would keep any splurging to a minimum.


The Venue

Deciding on the venue can be an easy or a tricky one. You may decide to hold an event in your office, or to hire out a venue. You can decide precisely what you want for a venue and find one yourself that ticks all the right boxes. You must ensure that when booking a venue, you do so far in advance as plenty of other companies may have the same place in mind. If you do find your perfect event, one thing that might not be so perfect is the price. You can decide on trying to negotiate a cheaper price or go with a cheaper venue. When working with an events company they can handle those sticky situations. They may be able to get that lower price or search for a better venue in your budget that you may have never thought of before!


The Food

For a lot of people the food is the highlight of the night – if you get it right! It can potentially make or break a party. You may know exactly what everyone in your company would love, or decide to stick to the safe option of chicken curry. For larger events it maybe a good idea to insist on a tasting menu to make sure everything tastes as good as it sounds. When going with an event agency they know what normally goes down well at a Christmas party. And who exactly will cater it at the best price for your budget. Some venues may not allow external caters so letting the events company deal with that is a lot less worry on your part.



Music will set the whole mood for the night for your colleagues so it has to be the right selection. For music, you may hire a DJ, a band or connect an iPod to the venues sound system. All of these options mostly go down well, but this principally depends on your budget. Most venues supply a DJ at a slightly extra cost. All events agencies have a large portfolio of DJs and Bands and can cater for any vibe or party side you would like with no hassle.



entertainmentOf course you want everyone to be enjoying themselves all night long, therefore entertainment is a huge consideration. Would a magician be best? Or maybe just some party games such as giant Jenga? If you’re organizing a large company party, here’s where events company’s can come in to help. Perhaps they can find alternative entertainment to suit a larger number of people such as dancers, and a number of magicians to mingle and circle the event so everyone is constantly entertained.


If you decide you want a theme for your party, choosing your theme is the easy part. A theme can tie the whole party together and make everything come alive! Ensure when choosing a theme that you’ve researched it thoroughly. You need to make sure that all the props and decorations for your selected theme suit your budget. Although having a themed party can fail if you do not execute it well. This is where an Event Management company can help. They can pitch a number of creative and unique themes that you may never think of. They also will have a database of suppliers to find you the best props and decorations to suit your budget. So maybe if you are stuck for a theme the Event Management company can create a unique one for you and bring the idea to life to make your party special!

These basic tasks of planning your Christmas event should be taken into consideration before deciding on doing it yourself or hiring an events company. Happy planning!


Written by: Orlaith McIvor Davis Events Agency