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Corporate Christmas Parties wITH DAVIS EVENTS

At Davis Events Agency we offer you a world-class bespoke event management service for a wide range of Holiday and Christmas Party themes, from the classic Winter Wonderland and The Roaring 20’s to Burning Man and Après Ski inspired blow outs!

Our super exciting Kids’ Christmas parties and Vintage Circus Holiday packages are the most fun your staff and their families can have this Christmas. Our team are passionate about delivering creative and innovative event solutions that will have your guests talking for years to come!


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We help companies engage and retain their employees by planning awesome office parties, cracking company holiday parties, creative corporate Christmas events and tasty theming of your work space.

We all know work can be hard and as the evenings get shorter everyone loves a great corporate Christmas party to say thanks for all the long hours and celebrate our successes together. A superb office Christmas Party tells employees that they are appreciated and respected.

A Great Corporate Christmas Party also offers employees the opportunity to bond with their team mates and colleagues. Employee engagement is more important than ever as we head for full employment. Thrilling corporate events and company parties are an excellent way to drive employee engagement.

Whether it is forty people for an intimate gastronomic experience or thousands of guests for a full-on rock ’n’ roll circus, we will help you to plan and deliver your dream corporate Christmas Party.

Collaborating together we will help you to plan every detail, from inspirational invitations and gorgeous gift bags to delish dining experiences and extraordinary entertainment.

We have created some of Ireland’s greatest Corporate and Company Christmas Party experiences, working with Irish and global companies and government agencies to thrill and engage their staff.

We can help you with the entire range of company Christmas party services you will need for an amazing Holiday Party. From venue sourcing, entertainment, catering, production, theming & decorating our team have got you covered!