Our 2015 Resolutions!

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Happy New Year from Davis Events

We’re back in the office today after a nice two-week break! The heating has been switched off throughout the holidays, so we spent the morning huddled around the radiator, hugging cups of coffee for warmth and chatting about the holidays! It seems everyone used the break to catch up on some well-deserved sleep after a long run of Christmas events in December. But all good things must come to an end as we swap our warm beds and late lie-ins for dark mornings on the DART!

To avoid doing any actual work today (I’ll start tomorrow!) I decided to ask some of the team what New Year’s Resolutions they made and what their professional goals are for 2015! It’s never a bad idea to kick-start a new year with a clear focus and identify ways in which we can improve our personal and professional lives. Goodness knows we picked up a few bad habits over the last few months! So here you have it, our 2015 resolutions…

Cathal-  Sales

“My personal resolution is to complete the Irish School of Music grades in piano. I started playing when I was six and I’ve completed up to Grade 5. I want to start playing again because I love it and I may as well complete the last two grades! After that, I might do the teaching grade. I hope once I start again I become overly obsessed with it! I hope to buy a piano and go back to the School of Music.”

“Professionally, my goal for 2015 is to continue growing the business and our portfolio of clients and make us the top event management agency in the country. To do this I need to structure and organise my weeks rigidly to constantly meet new clients. ”

 Ina- Accounts

 “My personal resolution is to make time to see my friends more and get back into having dinner parties! I hope to go to Hong Kong to visit my daughter this year and to go to the cinema more. Professionally, my resolution is to try manage my time better, last year was crazy! I need to check-in on myself on a regular basis to make sure I’m doing the above and have something to show”

 Anne- Events

 “My resolution is to be healthier by trying new recipes and avoid buying bad food. Also to be more positive in every situation rather than automatically looking for negatives. I saw a good thing on Facebook a while ago that said ‘Don’t give out about paying taxes. Be happy you have a job and have to pay taxes at all’ very sad I know! Professional goals are to expand my knowledge of Event Management and in the areas of Marketing.”

And last but not least, myself!

Nikki- Events 

I’ve made two New Year’s resolutions. Firstly, to cook more! Eating out is my favourite pastime but over Christmas I rediscovered my love for home cooking, I find it really therapeutic! My second resolution is to read more books. I’ve set a target of 1 book a month, which I think is a realistic goal! Professionally, my goal is to strategise more. I’m a big fan of the phrase “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” so I’m going to adopt that mantra for 2015 and ensure I begin each new project with a clear focus.

Please comment below and let us know what New Year’s resolutions you’ve made!

Author: Nikki Baume