#AskTheTeam: Favourite Event

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Nikki Beach

Nikki – Senior Account Manager:

There’s been so many highlights during my time at Davis Events, how am I supposed to pick just one? I’ve been very fortunate to have worked on some incredible events, but I definitely have a few stand out favourites!

Definitely one of my highlights was getting the opportunity to travel to sunny Spain, Marbella to be exact for an incentive trip with 180 people. Organising the event was really challenging as we were managing it from Dublin and only flew out a few days before hand. But it was totally worth it as the hotel and venues exceeded all my expectations.

The location for the event was the infamous Nikki Beach which was like something from a postcard. I could see why people flock in their thousands every summer. There was definitely a “pinch me” moment during the event where I was standing on the beach watching the sun set over Gibraltar where I couldn’t believe that this was work! The whole event ran seamlessly which was obviously the main goal. And a happy client = happy Nikki so we all flew home with smiles on our faces!


Michelle – Account Executive:12657773_10153862618132154_36695331084827859_o

My favourite event to work on would have to be the Christmas Lights Ceremony on O’Connell Street. My first event with Davis Events! It was my first day on the job and I threw on a Davis Events jacket, grabbed a radio and was all set… not to mention my extra layers of clothes and two pairs of gloves (necessary)!

You might think it would have been a little nerve racking with the added pressure of making a good impression on my new team. But I was so excited to jump right in and get involved. There was a great atmosphere on O’Connell Street and the team couldn’t have made me feel more welcome. Plus who doesn’t love Christmas?

I manned the Twitter so I got to experience every part of the event! I was there for the deafening screams for boy band sensation ‘Hometown’. When Santa rolled up on his carriage with the Lord Mayor of Dublin, I was on stage and at the ready for the countdown to capture all the action! It definitely paid off as we got almost 200 likes and retweets that day. And I couldn’t have picked a better way to kick start my new job with Davis Events!


Jenny – Event Executive:Info Desk

I have to be in agreement with Michelle and say that my favourite event to work on to date would have to be my first event with Davis Events, which was the 18th Annual Global Airfinace Conference. The event took place in the Convention Centre across 3 days. At the time I was working as an intern (my internship experience blog here) and the event was my first introduction.

For the 3 days the event ran, it was an absolute world wind. I learned so much in those three days about events. And while being on site I was still dealing with incoming queries from the office and managing all the social media across all our platforms.

Each day had so many elements packed in. We were always running around doing something from changing branding to certain sponsors, managing our events staff, dealing with client and delegate queries and setting up for the themed networking drinks receptions.

That event will always stick out in my mind, but I’m excited for what’s to come. I love a good challenge!

Written by: Jenny Power Davis Events Agency