5 Tips to creating a stress free office Christmas Party

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We all have enough on our plates coming up to Christmas and the last thing you need is the added stress of organising a great office Christmas party. All the questions, wondering When? Where? How much? That’s why we’re here! Hiring an events planning company can take the hassle out of it and create the night you’ve always dreamed of! Below we have complied a list of our top 5 tips to consider when planning a Christmas party.


– Budget your Costs

Budgeting correctly is a major aspect and it can go wrong very fast. You have decide how much you want to spend on each element of the night, and a lot of hidden and unexpected costs can occur and before you know your original budget is gone out the window. That’s where we can help, we know how to budget backwards, we know what things should cost along with the extra costs along the way. So don’t spend more than you have to, let us help!



– Location, Location, Location

Dublin has a lot to offer when it comes to venues, there is always somewhere perfect for any event (IF you book early enough!). Event agencies know all the venues available to you, what they have to offer and can sometimes even negotiate a cheaper price with the venue. What’s not to love?



 – Food and Drinks

Food and drink can often be the most important part of the night. But it can also often be overlooked and end up being a complete flop.  You want people to leave having a good memory of what they were served. With an events company it is our job to know what works at what events. For example, knowing what best suits your size group, whether it be canapés and cocktails or a buffet style with an open bar.



– Create a Theme

It is important for the whole night to flow and a theme is an essential part to making this happen. But, be careful as a themed party can easily fail if it is not done well. So before choosing do some research and pick a theme that suits your guests and more importantly your budget! An event management company know all there is to know about themes, we can create unique ideas for you or bring one of your ideas to life!



– Entertain your guests

You want everybody to have a well-deserved good time, right? Well, there are endless types of entertainment you can have to make this happen. It all just depends on the type of crowd you’re trying to please. Would a live band suit? Trapeze artists or a cocktail master class? the list really does go on and on. The last thing you want is people being bored at their Christmas party so don’t put entertainment on the long finger!



As an event management company, Davis Events can do anything from big to small, outdoor to indoor but mainly we are here to help so you can have a stress free Christmas party! Take a look here to see what kind of event we can create for you! Visit Our Portfolio Page



Written by: Rachel Smith Davis Events Agency