3 Books To Read To Help You Succeed In The Workplace

Have you already thought about how many books to read this year? They say that people who are successful in business tend to read 50 books per year – roughly one book per week. These successful types are probably not binging on Netflix for hours on end or reading the latest Dan Brown novel like the rest of us.

Instead, it’s much more likely that these leaders are using their downtime to broaden their skills and knowledge with non-fiction books that help them stay up to date with trends in business, develop themselves professionally and personally and keep up with our rapidly changing world.

While reading 50 books a year might sound like a daunting task, reading just 3 is much more manageable. So, let’s kick off our quarterly book club with some of our top picks of books to read this year.

1. Sizing People Up: A Veteran FBI Agent’s User Manual for Behavior Prediction

This book looks at the behavioural analysis practices employed by a former FBI Agent, taking the principles and applying them to the world of business. This will help you to predict people’s future behaviour and help you to assess their trustworthiness. Will your new supplier follow through on their promises and deliver on time? Will coworkers follow through on their commitments?

2. The Disruption Mindset

Next up, The Disruption Mindset explores what it means to become a disruptor in the modern business world, taking real-life examples of how companies like Adobe and Nokia developed a disruptive mindset to make a splash in their industries like when Adobe changed business models from once-off licence to monthly subscription, shaking the creative industry up. But what’s behind a disruptive mindset and how do you bring it into your company? Charlene Li explains how you can usher it into your organisation.

3. Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual

This practical ‘field manual’ gives readers a how-to guide of how to lead effectively. Whether you’re newly promoted or leadership is in your crosshairs, this book will give you the theory and practical steps to employ it on a tactical level. Jacko Willink’s book delivers clear, step-by-step language to help you be a better leader.

So that’s it, three books you should read this year if you want to emulate successful people. Whether you’re looking for the skills to lead a winning event, revolutionise your business or size up your suppliers.

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