18th Annual Global Airfinance Conference Dublin

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18th Annual Global Airfinance ConferenceOn January 18-20th 2016 the global aviation finance industry descended on the Convention Centre Dublin for the 18th Annual Global Air Finance Conference Dublin and we were delighted to play a role in this event.

Davis Events were tasked with transforming the CCD into a functional Conference venue with a strong brand presence that included unique networking, dining and refreshment areas. Here at Davis Events we love Bringing Ideas to Life so we put our creative caps on and had a lot of fun creating two themed drinks reception events during the conference.


Foyer Levels

Upon entering the venue, attendees came to register and to enjoy a coffee from our ‘Bean Around the World’ coffee shop and could take a seat on our bespoke flux furniture. Throughout the entire venue, we created a strong brand presence at every touch point. Ensuring visibility for key sponsors and ensuring the appropriate signage was in place for delegates to navigate their way throughout the venue.

18th Annual Global Airfiance Conference Dublin


Lunch & Refreshments

For the lunch rooms, we wanted to differentiate each of the three rooms and offerings as well as clear branding for each of the sponsors. As the lunch rooms were held in purpose built meeting rooms we transformed them into bright restaurants with different theming for each.

‘The Bistro’ was a seated buffet and the premium lunch option. We brightened the room with off-white draping offset with grey draping with purple draped doorways. We included coloured table runners to suit each of the sponsors on each of the three days and placed fresh, green floral centrepieces on each table with sponsor cards.

For ‘Lean and Green’ we created a more casual New York style restaurant. We placed bespoke colourful neon frames of various shapes and sizes over one wall set against white draping. To bring an earthy atmosphere we added large green plants. To brighten the room we included green, white and yellow stools. For added colour and an extra touch napkins were brightly coloured yellow and green.

18th Annual Airfinance Conference

The Lunchboxes were a great success and a popular option for attendees that were ‘on the go’. We brought the outdoors indoors by having a picnic vibe using large wooden benches with gingham tablecloths and artificial grass.


The Business Lounge

The Business Lounge played an important part of the conference. This is where attendees could have informal meetings and discussions or recharge their devices. It was key to have as much varying types seating as possible in this space as well as charging docks and mobile phone chargers. We designed a bespoke mobile phone charging station which included cables for various phone types. We brought a lounge atmosphere to one area of the floor with high comfortable armchairs and rugs. Booths with high backed seating provided an added privacy to those arranging meetings. We also added extra privacy to one area by adding illuminated walls.


18th Annual Global Airfinance Conference


Themed Drinks Receptions

Two exclusive themed drinks reception events took place after the conference day and used the Dublin night sky from the 4th floor as the backdrop:

18th Annual Global Airfinance Conference

Star Gazing

On the first night guests were transported to a fantastical winter’s evening bringing a sense of wonder to the Star Gazing themed event. Starlight drapes throughout the room gave guests the feeling of being amongst the stars. The neon lighting gave the impressive appearance of the aurora borealis. Guests were greeted to themed cocktails by our chalet girls who were appropriately dressed all in fur. Our frosted trees twinkled and large hurricane lanterns with flickering candles dotted the room with elements of snow here and there. Guests were entertained by a live DJ and saxophone player as the giant polar bear ice sculpture overlooked the evening.

18th Annual Global Airfinance Conference

Extravaganza of Wonderment

On night two guests were greeted by our ringmasters to a carnival themed event that amazed and astounded! It was an evening of illusion and merriment for the Extravangaza of Wonderment event!

Carnival games offered excitement and fun and the familiar scent of popcorn and candy floss filled the air. The room was designed to give the impression of being inside a circus tent. Yellow and red lighting illuminated the room, white and red draping across the walls appeared like a big top tent and red and yellow bunting was draped throughout the room. Guests were entertained by live music, stilt walker characters and a sword swallowing illusionist!

18th Annual Global Airfinance Conference

Check out our video from the Star Gazing and Extravaganza of Wonderment events plus more HERE!


Written by: Michelle McGee Davis Events Agency